Maltipoo puppies…. not boudoir related but so stinkin’ cute!

Ok, so my first week of “keeping up the blog” has NOT gone as planned. I haven’t posted all week. BUT, in my defense, I do have somewhat of an excuse!

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Aren’t they adorable!!! 2 of these precious babies were born Friday night (May 13th) and the other 4 were born at 5am Sunday morning ( May 15th )
They have literally taken up all my love and attention for the last ….however many days I need an excuse for not writing a new post…  =D

Today I took some newborn puppies pictures. I’ll post some more below. Last week, I did the parent doggy portraits, I’ll post those as well so you can soak in all the cuteness.

Gah, these little guys are so adorable!!! LOVE them so much already. And, today we finished naming all the little guys and gal.

here are the parents then I’ll post more puppy pictures below.

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Aww cute parents… precious, right?

Yea, yea. I know. You want to see the little bundles of puppy-breath joy. I’m with you. 😉

Take a look at these precious little faces!!!
JR7A6A7460 copy7A6A7455 copy WEB


Marco7A6A7437 copy7A6A7439 copy WEB


Bailey7A6A7427 copy7A6A7425 copy WEB


Juggernaut7A6A7433 copy7A6A7431 copy WEB


Sweet Pea7A6A7450 copy7A6A7452 copy WEB7A6A7451 copy WEB


Polo7A6A7442 copy7A6A7384 copy WEB


For more pet portraits and photos of these little darlings, visit my website!


We are now taking deposits on the puppies if you are interested in adding one of these beautiful little babies to your home!

Males $750

Female – $900

They will be Toy size Maltipoos and will be registered through the CKC.

Parents are all toy size.
Sir Louie – 9.5 inches at withers. 7 lbs — Toy Poodle
Sophie – 9 inches at withers. 7.5lbs when not preggers or nursing – Maltese
Mirunga – 7 inches at withers – 5lbs (barely) when not preggers or nursing – Maltese

To keep updated with the puppies growth, follow our puppy page on facebook!
Maltipoo Puppy and fur-family facebook page

Feel free to contact me through the website or you can contact us through the facebook page.

Thank you all for reading, and I truly will try to keep this up to date…but…you may be seeing lots more puppy photos… just a heads up.

Goodnight my  Beauties. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Please share it with friends and family all across the social media world. Let’s share the love and adorableness of these precious babies!


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