You are Beautiful & Sexy

I came across this article today while reading a magazine and thought it was perfect for a Blog post.


This applies to all ladies, of all shapes and sizes.
Whether you are plus size or in the negative digits 😉 , you are gorgeous and perfect the way you are.

You need to embrace yourself and the skin you are in. You are beautiful and wonderful and you should feel confident and sexy.

Boudoir and Beauty sessions are about showing you how gorgeous you are. They are wonderful confidence building sessions designed to show you your beauty. 
As women, we often fight with insecurity in our body image. Are we too big, too little, too much or too little curves, do we have problem skin or hair? etc etc etc.

We have to stop worrying about so much ladies! I struggle with this daily, trust me. I’m a plus size lady. My jeans are size 16 and my shirts are XL. But you know what?
I am still Beautiful and I am Sexy.

Yes, I’d love to lose 20 lbs, I won’t lie to you, but neither will I belittle or think less of myself for the way I am. I am loved and more importantly,  I love myself. Having confidence in yourself is something others will be able to see in you and they are going to want that for themselves. They will envy you.
Self confidence is sexy, ladies. So hold your head up girls and do me a favor.
I want you to find a mirror, look at your reflection, and repeat the following 

“I am a Strong, Beautiful, Confident and Sexy Woman.”

One more favor, tell someone else the same thing. Your coworkers , your mom, sister, or daughter (may want to leave out the sexy if they’re  young lol). And tell yourself this throughout the day. Encourage others and watch that brighten their day and keep encouraging yourself.
Yea yea, some of you are thinking there is no way I’m doing that. Why?  Why won’t you give yourself the positive thoughts and motivation ? And do the same for someone else. You could turn around their entire way of how they see themselves, and they may share that with someone else.

Let’s encourage each other and build each other’s confidence. As women, we should empower one another and build each other up.

I love each and every one of you gorgeous ladies and you should do the same 🙂

Yours Truly ❤ ,

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To cover copyright info, the photos of the article was from this magazine and issue. “Your Right To Good Sex.” I normally don’t read magazines, but there was lots of great information in this, so I might sign up for a subscription girls =D


I suck at blogs…

So, I couldn’t even keep up the blog for a couple of weeks without forgetting about it lol. Gah. I really need to work on this.

Alright ladies! I have a TON of new blogs that I PROMISE I will be working on!
I had a summer boudoir marathon with lots of photos I will be sharing soon and some more from other sessions.

In the meantime!

are any of you from AL, TN, or GA?

I’m offering Fall Family Mini sessions!

check out facebook for more information but here is the ad. 




Much love! I will be posting more boudoir soon!

Nashville Boudoir Shoot

I had a wonderful Boudoir Session in Nashville recently. This girl was amazing and oh my word… the outfit!
She has allowed me to share a couple of photos from her session that do not show her face, so I’m excited to share these with you.

If you are a member of my private group on facebook, Mandy’s Boudoir Beauties, you can see more photos from this session. It’s a women’s only boudoir and beauty group that I created to showcase more photos from my Beauties’ sessions.


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I just love this shot and that garter / stocking combo, I just ordered a couple of pairs to add to my outfit closet for my clients. If you are looking for a pair, I found some on Amazon for like $8.

7A6A7204bw copy WEB

and oh my word… her legs!!!

Such long, gorgeous legs. (I’m jealous… 5’3″ here…. lol )

And her outfit was stunning! If I’m not mistaken, it was a gift from her Bachelorette party and was from Victoria Secret. I looked and couldn’t find. I was seriously wanting to add one of those to my collection. It was absolutely beautiful.


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Maltipoo puppies…. not boudoir related but so stinkin’ cute!

Ok, so my first week of “keeping up the blog” has NOT gone as planned. I haven’t posted all week. BUT, in my defense, I do have somewhat of an excuse!

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Aren’t they adorable!!! 2 of these precious babies were born Friday night (May 13th) and the other 4 were born at 5am Sunday morning ( May 15th )
They have literally taken up all my love and attention for the last ….however many days I need an excuse for not writing a new post…  =D

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Welcome! Introductions =)

Hello my Beauties!!!

My name is Mandy. I’m owner & photographer of Mandy Wolf Photography. I do a little bit of everything, but my real passion is Boudoir. I absolutely LOVE helping women see how beautiful they are and seeing that light and confidence in themselves after they’ve had their session. There is nothing like a feeling of confidence and believing in yourself.

Some of you are probably wondering what the heck this french word means. The “technical term” is a woman’s sitting room, but in art and photography, Boudoir means something completely different.

Boudoir is about finding the beauty that is in you.

It means power in your femininity.

It means confidence in yourself and your gorgeous body
No matter what shape or size you happen to be.

Boudoir photography is about showing you just how beautiful, powerful, and perfectly amazing you are and that you should have confidence in yourself. You should LOVE yourself. Boudoir is about capturing all that and more.

Remember ladies (and gentleman for dudoir)

You are Beautiful and Perfect.

Boudoir is a very artistic and sensual form of photography whose sole purpose is displaying a woman’s true beauty. Every woman is beautiful and unique and our goal is to show you just how truly beautiful you are.
We also offer Glamour or Beauty sessions for those who do not want as revealing of photos but still want to look and feel beautiful, confident, and strong. For these sessions you get all the same perks of the boudoir but the shoot is styled to be not quite as sensual.

Both Boudoir and Glamour/Beauty sessions are about capturing YOUR beauty and to forever preserve these moments in time for you and your love. Its never too late to have these taken, be confident in yourself and love your own body.
You Are Beautiful

Well, this will conclude my first post.

I will TRY to be faithful about posting little tips and maybe some sessions sneaks of my Beauties will let me, but I will post beauty, hair, makeup, and skin care tips to help maintain a beautiful you!


For booking information, please visit my main webpage and contact me through my website. Links are listed above =)